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Sportsbook Marketing Lesson From The Local Bakery Store Owner
How One Bakers strategy put other Bakers out of business
The Plan
There once was a small town where a rich man who was very curious about exactly why some businesses succeed but most fail.

He decided to conduct an experiment whereby he would select and then provide financing for five people to start a bakery business in the small town.

He chose to five startups because he knew there would not be enough customers to support all the businesses and he wanted to learn

1) What the most successful business did differently and

2) What mistakes caused the other businesses to fail.

What he learned and what surprised and amazed him the most is the simple strategy that the most successful business used that none of the other four businesses adopted and which ultimately led to their failure.

The Action

The rich man wanted to make the experiment completely fair so he gave each of the five new business owners $250000 each

Four of the bakers invested heavily in ingredients and equipment, rented a building and left a small portion for marketing their new business through the local newspaper

One of the bakers bought a prime property and invested in equipment and signage.  In fact he built a huge billboard saying in large letters "fresh baked goods! Treat Yourself"

The Result

The Newspaper office burned to the ground and sadly four of the bakers who depended solely on it to drive customers went out of business.  Luckily each were able to sell their equipment, salvaged baked goods and unused ingredients to the successful baker

The Difference
After analyzing the results of his experiment the rich man noticed two things

1) The four failed business owners all focused on product and used only a small portion of their investment for marketing which they all relied upon a third party who let them down causing them to lose their business

 2) The most successful baker is the one who owned his property and in doing so controlled his business operations and thus controlled his destiny

In addition the rich man learned an important marketing lesson.

He thought that the large billboard was the reason that the successful baker attracted so many customers but after interviewing the successful baker he found it that

"It was not the product mentioned on the billboard but the Promise that truly attracted all the business to him"

In the end the Baker told him after interviewing my customers I found out that

Yes, they wanted fresh baked goods but what they truly wanted was to treat themselves.


The Moral of the story is

In order to sell the people what you have you have to let them Know you have What they want!

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