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The timing has never been better to stake your claim and claim your place on the internet.  Online betting activity has risen due to more people being homebound.  For some online gambling and sports betting was a way to channel and relieve their stress and frustration.  For others it was entertainment. The interest in online betting activity is not likely to subside post pandemic due to the rising number of U.S. states legalizing online betting and the popularity of the sports betting and other online gambling options like online casinos.

The U.S. market is poised for rapid growth.  This new found market is attracting sportsbook operators worldwide seeking a piece of what will surely be a multi billion dollar annual market. 

Government regulation limit the types of products and payouts that sportsbooks can offer.  These regulations severely limit the number of ways that gambling businesses can be attractive to new players and differentiate themselves from other businesses offering online betting products.

This means that attracting more players becomes the major perhaps the only difference between average sportsbooks and those that excel.

Aside from their use to attract a highly qualified audience perhaps the most important reason to own multiple domain names is that they are unique and only one business can own them.  Domains create business, are investment assets, and protect your business and market space from competitors.

Acquiring Call-to Action domains like and that attract players attention and and are easy to remember and share with other players using socialmedia and other means will be the best investment sportsbook operators can make to grow their market share player audience and revenues and gain the edge over their competition.


The writing is on the wall when it comes to more U.S. states (the largest global audience) adopting sports betting.  Real estate magnate and founder of Rush Street Interactive Neil Bluhm and dMY Technology Group are all in as revealed in this recent article in Forbes magazine online

"Chicago Billionaire Doubles Down On Gambling Empire As More States Legalize Sports Betting"

Currently online sports betting is legal in 13 U.S. states however but the real money according to Mr. Bluhm is coming as online casinos become legal in more states.

As more states legalize more forms of online gambling the value of domain names like will rise quickly due to their ability to attract new players, the heart and soul of gambling business.

The facts speak for themselves.

according to an article published by Nerd Magazine

"a study by the UK Gambling Commission found that 44% of online gamblers had reported gambling on mobile in 2019. This is an increase of 21% since 2015."

The fact is that we live in a digital world and the demographics of todays and tomorrows gambler is an audience raised on digital technology. 

Domain names and websites they are associated with are todays answer to yesterdays real estate development days of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  Domains have been often discribed as Internet Real Estate.

If your going to gamble you need a place to go and on desktop computers and mobile phones that place is an app or url with a great brand domain name. the source for premium high value business identity, lead generation and call-to-action domain names has released a list of the best gaming, casino, and sports betting domains available for your casinos and B&M or online gambling business

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Unless you've been living under a rock you are aware of the fury surrounding censorship by popular socialmedia sites. 

But, Did you know that those same sites have joined forces in banning specific content ads like tobacco? And did you also know that they can freeze even delete your account without notice for reasons they alone decide are in violation of their terms and services?  It's true

In fact this author owns multiple business one that offers services to businesses in the tobacco industry.

Recently many cigar companies whose website content contained video podcasts created over the years were told that they could no longer show videos from their website but that instead the videos could be seen only by people who were members of the video services provider (YouTube and Facebook are two that I am aware of)

In a separate incident a popular Cigar podcaster with a huge cult following on Facebook had their account shut down and lost years of content leaving their audience wondering what the heck happened to the them.

So my question now, and one you should definitely be asking yourself if you use or rely upon a third party site like Facebook to host your business is ...

What is stopping them from squelching Sports betting or gambling businesses and wiping out your business?

The plain hard truth and lesson learned too late is this.

You Should NEVER Trust your business to a third party.

Its your sweat Your toil Your content and Your investment of time and money.  YOU Need To Own and Control It!

Owning your domain name and website is the best and ONLY way to protect your business and investment.

In Summary
Keeping in mind that domains are unique one-of-a-kind assets owning one or more keyword rich gambling domain names is the best investment any gambling entertainment business can make to
  • grow their audience
  • increase activity and revenues
  • block competition and protect their market space has the largest selection of high quality brands for gambling businesses and also offers domain acquisition and liquidation assistance.

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